Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roads and Highways Brown Bag

Here are a few notes from Wednesday's Roads and Highways Brown Bag. If you missed it, you can download GDOT's PowerPoint here.

  • The city currently has 8.8 miles of greenways with another 31 in the planning stages.

  • Greensboro has 946 miles of streets, 28% of which are currently rated poor or worse.

  • Powell Bill funding from the state now goes entirely to resurfacing and operations.

  • Most project funding now comes from bonds passed by voters.

  • Battleground Rail Trail came in $1 million under bid, and will open in November of this year.

Below is a partial list of major projects, with expected start dates where available:

  • New Garden Road (Jefferson Road to Brassfield Drive) -- Contract is on, and construction is expected to begin soon to relieve congestion and add sidewalks to both sides.

  • Hornaday Road extension (Hornaday Road to Chimney Rock Road) -- will establish a connection with I-73, but funding from the state is still pending.

  • Merritt Drive (I-40 to High Point Road) -- Widening to five lanes and adding sidewalks -- construction expected to start in 2010.

  • Creek Ridge Road (Randleman Road to U.S. 220) -- Widening to 3 lanes and adding curb/gutter.

  • Fleming Road Relocation/Isaacson Blvd Extension -- Extend Isaacson to Fleming and add a connection to Horse Pen Creek Road -- Scheduled to start in Spring 2010.

  • High Point Road/West Lee Streetscape -- 1st public meetings to discuss will be held August 20.

  • N Church Street (Wendover Avenue to Cone Blvd) - Widening to 4 lanes w/ curb and gutter, adding bike lanes and sidewalks to both sides -- funding pending

  • Cone Blvd/Nealtown Road Ext. -- awaiting funding

  • Market Street/College Road intersection improvement -- waiting on funding for right-of-way purchase.

  • Battleground Avenue Intersection Improvements planned at following intersections: Brassfield, New Garden, Westridge and Cone

  • Mackay Road (Atwater Drive to Williamsborough) -- will tie into state's High Point Road expansion to five lanes plus curb and gutter.

Thanks to Chris Spencer and Craig McKinney for a great presentation. If you weren't able to make it, but have questions about any roads project, contact GDOT at 373-4368.

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